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Thank you Brian!


If you are considering the sale of your accounting practice, you will be doing yourself a favor by considering Naab Consulting. We (myself and the buyer) worked with Larry throughout the process. He was the coach, referee and advisor throughout the process. He has banking connections who know Larry and have worked with him and who respect and trust his knowledge of the buyer and seller. I was able to get the best deal possible with his help.


Thanks for all your time and efforts! It was a pleasure working with you.


Job well done!


Thanks again for all of your efforts!


Thank you for all your assistance. It isn’t a short process, but you took the stress out of it all! Thank you for hanging in with me. Although it was nerve wrecking, it wasn’t stressful for me. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


Thank you so much! We greatly appreciate your help in getting this accomplished!

-K.B & J.B.

The services & support you provided during the time we worked together to get the practice sold were very instrumental to the outcome. The sale could not have occurred without your expertise, guidance & patience.


Thank you for a job well done. Have a great year!


Thank you Brian for a job well done! You handled my sale perfectly, always keeping me aware of what was happening. Great job when it came to valuing my practice and receiving full price. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated.


Thank you so much for helping me find a buyer for my tax practice. I really appreciate your expertise, professionalism, positive attitude and promptness in responding to all of my questions and concerns.

-A. H.

When we decided to sell our business, we knew we needed the right people to help us. Brian at Naab Consulting was the perfect man for the job. Brian was knowledgeable, professional and committed with us from the beginning to closing. Well done Brian!!

-Debbie H.

Larry was referred to me by 2 other colleagues whose practice he sold recently. I can’t be more pleased with Naab’s process, personal attention, responsiveness, and understanding of both overall and details of my practice. Highly recommend them.

-Kathy K.

It was a great experience working with Brian & Larry. They were extremely professional handling all phases of the process (listing, buyer interviews, closing).
Bill P.

I called Naab Consulting and within a week, Larry had visited me to answer all my questions. Within a week of signing up, my business was sold. I choose Naab Consulting because of your straight forward approach. How could I possibly have anything negative to say when you lived p to all your promises. Thank you!!
Gary A.

Naab Consulting exceeded my expectations in getting me 6 qualified buyers within 1 week. Within 2 weeks, we had a deal with all of this happening just before Thanksgiving.
Craig S.

Larry Naab was a true professional. He prepared me several years in advance and then executed everything perfectly. I received a lot more than my asking price, which more than paid for the broker fee.
Kim M.

Naab Consulting understood our needs during the process of selling our tax and accounting practice. The fees – settlement (closing) was very smooth and professional.
Tom C.

The entire process of selling my business went much quicker and easier than I anticipated.
Cindy P.

Naab Consulting met with me in person and defined clear expectations of the process.
Ray W.

Wow, what a ride. Thank you for finding the right buyer and for being so great to work with. I so appreciate your visit, your calls and attention. Just great working with you and Brian.
Joan M.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in to make this deal work. I really appreciate your efforts and advice along the way.
Greg H.

Personally meeting with Larry was great. I was most impressed and appreciated the personal service.
Dick P.

Naab Consulting was very professional and very understanding of the real world. They lived up to my every expectation. They got the deal done!!
Bill R.

Larry and Brian did an excellent job for me. The entire process was smooth and pain free. I would not hesitate to recommend their service
Joe B.

You guys were amazing and did a fantastic job in helping me sell the practice. You made the process so easy and I appreciate your willingness to work with me. You guys Rock!!!
Rick B.

Great company to work with for getting the best results.

I appreciated that Naab Consulting traveled to meet with me in person when I expressed an interest in their services. They had a buyer for my practice within a week of listing. I was happy it progressed so quickly.
J. R.

Naab Consulting was always available to answer all our questions. They treated us with respect and had a positive attitude. Our business was located in a remote area with several tax offices closer to town, but they sold it for more than we expected to get out of it. We are so satisfied with their service.
G. F.

Naab Consulting did an excellent job of screening candidates for us and were very valuable in helping establish a value for the practice.
Phil M.

Naab Consulting gets the job done! They bring plenty of qualified buyers to your door and get top dollar for your business. We were thrilled with the service we received from Naab Consulting.
Cara B.

Naab Consulting provided me with a realistic market valuation of my practice. I was presented with a potential buyer within days of signing a consulting contract. My practice was sold within 90 days. Naab Consulting performed beyond all my expectations.
Claude K.

Naab Consulting did an excellent job in the total process of marketing and the sale of my tax and accounting practice. Great value for the broker fee. Thank you Larry and Brian.
John J.

Naab Consulting was efficient, knowledgeable and very helpful during the process. Larry, being a CPA, always knew the type of person to look for.
John B.

We never imagined how stressful and complicated this sale process was going to be. Larry and Brian were always quick in responding to our questions and concerns. With the experience they have, they were able to offer multiple considerations on various issues.
Mary C.

Couldn’t do it without you guys, thanks for all your hard work.
Rod S.

I appreciate all the appointments you have set up. It sure is a smooth process.
C. T.

I don’t know what I would have done without you. You established a top price and excellent payment terms. You screened and negotiated very well with potential buyers. After the deal was complete, I thanked God that I used you. Any CPA that would try to sell his practice without going through a business broker is foolish. I have heard of many CPA’s who sold their practice far below the market value. You possessed an expertise that I don’t have. You well deserved the commission you earned.
Ross B.

Provided prospects almost immediately after I provided the firm profile. Found a great fit with a quality buyer that I’m sure my clients will be extremely satisfied with.

Thanks to Larry & Brian for all you did. I do appreciate your efforts in getting this sale to close. It was a professional job well done.
Chuck W.

Naab Consulting sent me contacts only interested in my size and type of accounting practice. True potential buyers. Both Larry and Brian kept me informed weekly throughout the sales process.
David G.

For top price, efficient selling and effective follow thru – there is none better. A commission paid and well worth it!
Gerald C.

Larry and Brian Naab are the best professionals for accounting practice sales! They helped me sell mine (practice) in a month, a transaction I thought would take at least 6 months to a year.
Roy C.

You were aggressive and took an interest in making the sale move forward in the time frame needed. Thanks for your help.
Lois L.

Just a short note to tell you how grateful I am that we met and were able to work together. I don’t think the process of the sale could have gone much smoother than it did. Thank you for all your help.
Vicky M.

A few years prior to making the decision to sell the practice and retire, I contacted Naab Consulting to seek direction on accomplishing the mission within a 2-3 year timeframe. Upon first contact, Naab Consulting provided me with advice for which I followed and resulted in the achievement of the goals set forth within the desired timeframe and price. Based on the goals accomplished through the services provided by Naab Consulting, I would highly recommend them as an avenue in selling your practice.
Debbie B.

Best regards, I value the fact that everyone involved has been trustworthy. Keep in touch.
Tom L.

The day I determined I would like to sell my practice, it was a foregone conclusion that I would request the assistance of none other than Larry and Brian Naab. This transaction was particularly challenging because of the face we had only three months to close a deal. It was no surprise that it was done on time. Thanks for everything, I really appreciate it!
Iyad N.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible assistance in the sale of my accounting practice. You have exceeded my expectations in every way including a sale price that would be considered good in a growing and stable economy.Now that I have first hand experience of your professional and personal approach to bringing buyers and sellers together, I can say that all of the accolades that your references gave you must be true.
Phillip P.

Thanks a lot Brian. The meeting today with Larry was very beneficial. We are still at awe with everything that he had said and what a wonderful person he is. Please thank Larry again for being so professional and so kind. Many people who are professional are cold, be he is not!
Swee and Kevin T.

I have known Larry Naab for nearly 10 years. I practiced in public accounting for over twenty years in Indianapolis with the last twelve years in my own practice. In May, when I decided to sell my CPA practice, I called Naab Consulting. After signing the contract, I had two potential buyers within 48 hours wanting to meet with me and both of them made offers. On May 31st, I signed the contract with Naab Consulting and on June 30th, I closed on the sale with the buyer. I sold my practice for more than I had originally thought I could prior to calling Larry. If you are thinking of selling or buying a CPA practice, I would highly recommend Naab Consulting. They are very knowledgeable and professional during the entire process.
Doug S.