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Purchasing an accounting practice is no joke. We’re here to help you through all stages of the acquisition process.

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Naab Consulting helps CPAs, accountants, EAs and tax professionals who are interested in purchasing an accounting firm. Buying an accounting practice is a great way to start your own firm or add additional clients to your current practice. When you buy an established accounting practice, you don’t waste valuable time and money trying to add new clients; instead, you reap the benefits of current clientele that provide a steady cash flow.

35+ Years Experience

Our staff has a combined 35+ years experience as accounting business brokers. We have assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers in successfully selling, merging or purchasing accounting firms. Our expertise and experience benefits both the buyers and sellers, since we understand the process, the implications and the complexities involved in the selling and purchasing of accounting firms.

Purchasing an Accounting Firm with Cash Flow

Our experience in this business has allowed us to make strong third-party banking contacts who can lend up to 80-90% of the purchase price. This means you can buy the accounting practice with very little down and pay for it with cash flow! Contact us or complete our buyer financing form, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Below is a roadmap and guideline that is intended to help summarize you in our process and what you can expect when working with us.

We post all available practices on our site as well as their current status.

We have more information available on every practice to all interested and qualified buyers. This information contains in most cases a profit and loss statement, client service breakdown as well as additional office information. This information is in addition to the .PDF Profile that is currently on the site for viewing.

If you would like additional details (as mentioned above) on any of our practices, we will just need you to sign our current non-disclosure agreement. You may call us or email us and we will send it over. Please confidentiality is paramount to us and to our clients. Additional information on any accounting or CPA practice will not be provided until we receive our non-disclosure agreement. There is no fee to sign up and register with us.

After we receive your non-disclosure, we will send you the additional practice information. You should review this information and let us know if you have any further questions or interest in the practice.

After we receive your feedback and you are interested, we will then give you a call so we can better understand your position and train of thought. If you are qualified to pursue this opporunity further, we can help schedule an intial meeting with the practice owner. Prospective Buyers will need to qualify both professionally and financially in order to meet with the practice owner. Our goal is to not waste your time or the owner’s time if the practice you are looking at is not a good fit for either side.

We post all available practices on our site as well as their current status.

If the meeting goes well and you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, the next step is to present the seller with an offer. This offer will be a non-binding offer subject to due diligence. Our goal here is to make sure both the buyer and the seller are on the same page with respect to price, terms, conditions, etc. before the due diligence is performed.

Once the offer is accepted, we will help in setting up a time so you can perform proper due diligence. At this time you will be able to review client files and get more detailed information about the practice.

If financing is needed in the transaction, we will organize the information from both buyer and seller in order to submit a proper loan package.
Once due diligence is completed and satisfactory, the next and final stage is preparing the final purchase agreement and scheduling a closing date.

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