In order for your company to survive, it needs to be constantly changing and become stronger. Sometimes the only way to do this is to consolidate your accounting business. There are a lot of books out there that will attempt to help you consolidate your business, but with the economy as it is today, and as much time as a small or large business takes, you may not have the time to read any of these books. 

What you need is someone who already knows how to consolidate your business and what is better for you in the long-run. Naab Consulting has such knowledge at hand.  The company started after Larry Naab, CPA of Naab Consulting, sold his own accounting firm.  He has since established a team with over 35 years of combined experience and the nationwide company has helped 100s consolidate their businesses.

If you’re interested, Naab Consulting is ready and willing to help you consolidate your business professionally and confidentially. So, if you’re interested in working with a company that will spend time getting to know you and your company, instead of a brokerage go to:

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