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Selling Your Accounting Practice?

We Can Help:

How Naab Consulting Can Help You Sell Your Accounting, CPA or Tax Practice

You have worked hard to build your business, and now you’re considering selling your accounting practice. You need a firm that combines experience with expertise to help value your business, make the sales process move smoothly, and net a strong, competitive sale price.  Naab Consulting is much more than an accounting business broker; when you choose us to represent you in selling your CPA practice, you gain the following advantages:

  • Offer a Customizable Marketing Package designed to help us sell your practice quickly and efficiently.
  • Perform a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) for your practice to determine the most advantageous selling price for your practice.
  • Obtain current Non-Disclosure Agreements on all buyers so your staff, competition and clients do no know you are considering selling the business.
  • Confidentially market your practice for you using our results from the Customizable Marketing Package we completed for you.
  • Negotiate on your behalf so you are assured of getting a fair deal for your practice.
  • Schedule meetings for you to meet with only serious and qualified buyers who are interested and have the capability of purchasing your firm. We eliminate the tire kickers for you saving your valuable time.
  • Confirm that you are completely satisfied with our service at all times. 
  • Guide you through the entire process from start to closing.