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Why Hire Naab Consulting?

Selling your accounting practice is for most people a once and a lifetime event. This is a very emotional decision and can be one of the largest transactions of your life. Would you want to do this alone? Naab Consulting has sold hundreds of accounting and tax practices over the 15+ years in our industry. We are a leader in the accounting brokerage industry and a trusted source by many CPA’s, EA’s, accountants and tax preparers.

We analyze each accounting and tax practice for sale and determine the most efficient ways to advertise the sale of your business.  We market your practice by advertising in trade journals, newsletters, our website and direct mail, as well as through many other successful methods that have helped us to build our large database of prospective buyers. We immediately email all prospective buyers in our database who have expressed interest in CPA, accounting and or tax practices for sale. We’ve spent years developing, evaluating and building a serious buyer base. 

You can continue to manage your practice and maintain billable time while your accounting or tax practice is for sale.  We handle the marketing inquires and screen buyers for acceptability.  Our efforts exceed those of other accounting business brokers. We introduce you only to those potential buyers who have passed our pre-qualification and are serious about buying an accounting practice.

Your employees, clients and competitors do not need to know that you are merging or selling your accounting practice. During the entire time your accounting or tax practice is for sale, our staff guards your confidentiality. No one will call your office without your authorization. We have signed confidentiality agreements on all prospective buyers before we discuss any CPA, accounting or tax practice for sale in any specific detail. Your name and your firm’s name are not disclosed until we have confirmed that we have a serious buyer who would like to meet with you.

WE BRING PRACTICE VALUATION EXPERTISE TO THE TABLE: We are aware of current market conditions nationwide, and that knowledge helps generate the best price and terms when selling accounting practices. We make sure that there is no money left on the table. After hundreds of successful transactions, we have the experience necessary to close the deal.

WE PROMOTE YOUR PRACTICE AND SCREEN POTENTIAL BUYERS: Through our marketing initiatives, we make potential buyers who are interested in your area aware that a CPA, accounting or tax practice is for sale.  Then we qualify those who inquire, obtain or update a signed confidentiality agreement, and determine if they are a suitable match to continue discussions.  It is a tremendous advantage to you in selling your accounting practice that we disclose information about your practice only when we have determined the seriousness of the buyer and not before. Again, on average, only 5-10 percent will qualify to meet you. The other 90-95% never knows who you are because they are not serious or don’t qualify to buy.

Every buyer who is interested in CPA, accounting and or tax practices for sale through Naab Consulting must sign a confidentiality agreement and be pre-qualified by our firm. We only show you the most capable buyers. Our experience over the years has shown us that, out of a possible one hundred buyers, only a small percentage are either qualified or serious. We eliminate a large portion, protecting your confidentiality and saving your valuable time.

We follow up with the prospective buyers to determine their interest in buying an accounting firm.  You should not negotiate directly with the buyers, as this can weaken your bargaining position.  Our process prevents personalities, emotions and stress from interfering with good business decisions.  Naturally, you make all final decisions, but we execute them for you.

We can help the buyers obtain assistance in financing an accounting practice—especially with funding for the down payment at closing. This provides the buyer with adequate cash to support his or her investment. This also provides you with a sizable down payment at closing to ensure the buyer is serious about buying your CPA firm.