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The selling price for all CPA, accounting and tax practices is 1.0 x’s revenues.

This is not always the case in today’s market. There are more buyers than sellers thus increasing the purchase price of accounting firms sold today. Owner’s who sell their practice for around 1.0x’s revenues could be leaving money on the table. The market and a variety of different factors will ultimately decide the final selling price of the practice, but typically this number will be anywhere from 1.0 to as high as 1.50 x’s revenues.

Selling an accounting practice is easy.  

You have probably worked very hard in your business over the last 10, 20, 30+ years and now you are thinking about selling. There are many steps in actually selling your practice. From marketing, screening, negotiating and transitioning the practice, we will help. Most practices will sell in a 3 to 6 month timeframe in which a lot of work is involved in order to get this done. Hiring us to help will allow you to continue to work on your business while we work for your business. We will help to make this a smooth and seamless process from start to finish.

Using a broker is expense and I don’t want to pay the fees.  

Naab Consulting has several plans available for any CPA, accountant or tax preparer who is thinking of selling. We also receive no upfront fees if you are interested in buying a CPA practice or accounting firm. Our fee is collected upon the completion of selling your firm. If you could get your desired price and terms for your practice and only pay a fee when the deal is closed, wouldn't you be crazy not to accept this deal right? We are confident we can sell your practice and will cover all the startup and overhead expenses to get this done for you.

I live in a small town; no one will be interested in buying my practice?

We have sold practices in the past with populations under 100. Even though you may live in a small town and think you know everyone, our marketing power and experience can help you sell your practice.

I will have to finance most of the purchase price?

Not even close, we have outside banking contacts that will lend the purchaser up to 80 to 100% of the purchase price depending on the deal. This means you carry less paper and put more in your pocket at closing.

A regular business broker can help me with the sale of my tax practice?

This is true, however selling accounting practices is the only business we do. We completely understand the process of selling tax and accounting practices. Other general brokers will not have the knowledge and experience that Naab Consulting can provide for you.

I don’t want to sell for another year or two; there is nothing I need to do right now?

This is far from the case. In order to get a maximum value for your practice, you need to be organized and profitable. We can help you get your practice ready to sell for little or no cost to you.

If I sell it myself, I will get only qualified prospects who are interested?

On average we will only qualify 10-15% of all inquires we receive. This means 85-90% of all calls and emails we receive are from buyers who are either just fishing and kicking tires, do not have the experience, do not have the cash or are trying to buy for nothing. If you are concerned about your confidentiality, selling it yourself can be very problematic. We get signed Non-disclosure agreements on all our buyers prior to sending out or discussing any practice in further detail.